May 10-14





Spring Classic I and II 

April 19 thru 30



HITS - Ocala 

January 17 thru March 26

Ocala January Classic I * January 17 -22

Ocala January Festival II * January 24-29

Ocala Premier III * January 31-February 5

Ocala Winter Classic IV * February 7-12

Ocala Winter Festival V * February 14-19

Ocala Masters VI * February 21-26

Ocala Tournament VII * February 28-March 5

Ocala Winter Finals VIII * March 7-12

Ocala Winter Celebration IX * March 14-19

Ocala Championship X * March 21-26




2017 Competition Highlights

Ocala Winter Championship X * March 21-26



     Fernhill Totty (Joy) and Vanilla Ice (Caroline) each made it a trifecta.  Adding to their 1st Half Circuit Championships, they were 2nd Half Circuit Champion and Full Circuit Champion in their respective divisions - High Adult and Low Adult Jumpers.

     Will Scarlett (with 5 different riders and a couple of weeks off) added Full Circuit Champion and 2nd Half Reserve Champion to his 1st Half Championship in the Take 2 Thoroughbred Jumpers. 

     Oileen Uno (Joy) added Full Circuit Reserve Champion to his 1st Half Reserve, both to stablemate Totty.



Ocala Winter Celebration IX * March 14-19


      We weren't winding down this week!   Ireland Mason Maechtle  and her horse, Scandal LS, joined us for the week.  They won their first class, went on to be reserve champion in the Medium Adult Jumpers and were 5th in their Classic (out of over 40).

     Micaela Semanchik arrived Friday to show the next week.   Never one to wait she hopped on Will Scarlett for the weekend.  They won a class, were Reserve Champion in the Take 2 Thoroughbred Jumpers and 12th in the Medium Adult Jumper Classic (again out of over 40).

     Joy and her new horse, Totty, won a High Adult Jumper class and were 12th in their classic out of almost 40. 

     Vanilla Ice did his own thing.  He won 2 classes, was Champion in the Low Adult Jumpers and 2nd in the Low Adult Classic.  

     Patrick tried the Confirmation Hunters this week.  He picked up several 2nds, including in the Model, and in one class was moved up based on his confirmation.



Ocala Winter Finals VIII * March 7-12


                      Nilli once again was champion in the Low Adults.  



Ocala Tournament  VII * February 28-March 5


       Will Scarlett did it again - his 5th championship in the Take 2 Thoroughbred Jumpers.  That makes it all 5 weeks he has shown, this time with his 4th rider.  This week Andrea rode him.  She and her eventing horse  joined us from Auburn for a week to show and train with Neal and Licha in advance of this year's Maccabbi games.

     Joy and her new (this year) horse, Totty, were champion in the High Adult Jumpers.  

     Patrick returned to the hunter ring after a week in the jumper ring and then a week to think about it.  He seemed to be glad to be back in the hunters and was champion the the 3'6" Performance Jumpers.




Ocala Masters VI * February 21-26


     This was a week of transitions.  First, we said good-bye to Cameron, Mike and Taryn. Then it rained and then came the sloppy footing.  And then Licha had surgery on her ruptured Achilles tendon.  At the end of the week we said good-bye to both Corri and Magee.

      Butch with Magee tied for champion in the Thoroughbred jumpers, but had more fun in the 1.15m.  Magee also picked up a ribbon in the competitive 1.30m division with Monty.  

     Uno and Joy were reserve champion in the high adults and won the M&S Classic.  

     Nilli and Caroline were once again champion in the low adults.  



Ocala Winter Festival V * February 14-19


      Will Scarlett repeated  as champion in the Take 2 Thoroughbred Jumpers.   This is his 4th consecutive championship in this division - with 3 different riders.  Cameron Tague did the piloting this week.    Bingo Butch, Will's usual competitor in this division, moved up to the 1.15m division and was reserve champion with Magee.

     We are now halfway through the 10 week circuit.  Will Scarlett was easily Mid-Circuit champion in his division.

      Vanilla Ice was easily Mid-Circuit Champion in the Low Adult Jumpers.



Ocala Winter Classic IV* February 7-12


     The week and Magee got off to a roaring start with HFF taking the top 4 places (out of 49) in the Tuesday 1.10m class in the Grand Prix ring - Will Scarlett with Magee, Undelie with Corri, Come With Me (aka Monty) with Magee, and Bingo Butch with Magee.   

     Will went on to be champion in both the 1.10m and the Take 2 Thoroughbreds (3rd week in a row for that).  Butch wasn't far behind with reserve in the Take 2.  Vanilla Ice was once again champion in the Low Adults.  

     They are keeping HFF stocked with HITS champion saddle pads!



Ocala Premier III * January 31- February 5


 Caroline Williams & Vanilla Ice 

Reserve Champion Adult Jumpers Low 46+


Will Scarlett & Alex Anzaldo 

Champion Take 2 Thoroughbred Jumpers








Ocala January Festival II* January 24-29


 Caroline Williams & Vanilla Ice 

Champion Adult Jumpers Low 46+




Joy Slater's Fernhill Toddy 

Champion Adult Jumper High 46+



Meg Valnoski's Celtic Gold 2nd in the

$5,000 Devocoux Hunter Prix


Undelie de Roset & Corri Goldman

Champion $750 1.20 FarmVet Jumper



Will Scarlett & Alex Anzaldo

Champion Take 2 Thoroughbred Jumpers 






Ocala January Classic I * January 17-22

*** Vanilla Ice leaves the field frozen ***

 ****Caroline Williams & Vanilla Ice sweep the

Adult 46+ Jumpers

***Congratulations Champion


***Joy Slater's Oilean Uno was Reserve Champion***

Adult Jumper High 46+


*Splash had a win and a 3rd* 


***Meg Valnoski's Celtic Gold makes effortless transition back to the show ring in the $200 Adequan Hunter Division

bringing home a Second & 2 Thirds





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