Iron Dale Al  aka  Sebastian

"Sebastian" joined us in December of 2016.  He is ridden daily and managed by Working Student Alexsandra Anzaldo who plans to compete in the Retired Racehorse  Project (RRP) Competition in Kentucky this fall!  This page is dedicated to Sebastien's development. 


August - October 2017

Sebastian, Elisa Shapiro, & I made the long trip to Lexington. It was all new to Seabass, but a great experience. We ended up 5th out of 75 in the Show Jumping division. We made it to the finale in the covered arena. That was a first for both Sebastian & I. We weere in the top 20 out of 84 in the Show Hunter division with his first time ever showing in the hunters. I think he enjoyed the hunters the most with his big steady stride and stunning looks. 


June 2017

It's been harder to record Sebastian's progress just because we have been busier and there isn't always somebody around to videotape. I managed to scrape some videos together to update everyone. April was a month of "back to the basics" which is normal for training green horses. Now I have been introducing him to the outdoor arena. We have also begun jumping small single fences outside. The more he does this, the less exciting it gets and the more quiet he gets. He is a lazy type. We will have to work on his technique a bit, but for now I just want to keep it simple and show him that jumping is fun and not stressful. He is enjoying it! Check out the video below. 

March 2017

This month with Sebastian I really focused on his flat work. I introduced the raised trot poles into his daily routine. I love this exercise because it helps with the horses balance, straightness, coordination, impulsion, forwardness and also finding a distance to the poles at a trot. I start out with a few poles low to the ground at 6" and gradually add poles as the days continue when I feel he is ready to advance, then I gradually raise the trot poles. I also started jumping him over single jumps and I find he is pretty brave to the fences, he just needs to figure out his technique. The next thing I've been working on is his turn on the forehand which is the foundation to his lateral movements. It can be seen from the video that at first he resists crossing over his hind legs but eventually figures it out as the weeks go by. Lastly, I have tried my best to smooth out his walk to canter tansition. He is still a bit sticky on his left lead, but improving daily! Check out our March 2017 video below. 


January-February 2017

This past month with Sebastian I have been working on his ground manners. Sometimes he gets a little excited about noises or schedule changes. He is very big so being a respectful gentleman is a positive thing for him to learn. I also have been working on his lunging and free jumping, this way he can figure out his technique and balance without a rider's help. Additionally, I have done an equipment change of replacing the chambon with the gogue. He is going great in it and really learning how to use his top line properly. A video below is included with January through February.

December 2016


    Hi all!  This is Alexsandra updating everyone on Sebastian's progress. Sebastien last raced on October 15, 2016 at Meadowlands Racetrack. After his final race, he was retired sound and laid up for six weeks at Brightview Farm for a much deserved vacation. In early December, he arrived at Hay Fever Farm ready to begin his retraining as a show horse.  Some of the things I have been working on include balancing, strengthening, and moving forward. He is progressing very quickly as you can see from the video below. He had a new set of four shoes put on which helped a lot. We started breaking him to the Chambon in order to encourage him to use his top line properly. He is very smart and retains information very well. I can continue to teach him new things on a daily basis and he doesn't forget. I noticed that he prefers to pick up the right lead canter versus the left lead.   I ask for the left lead with more emphasis, which I soften as he gets stronger. 

     The first day of jumping for him was simple and straight forward. I don't think I have ever ridden a green horse who picked up the technique of jumping through a gymnastic as fast as he has. He makes minor mistakes, but never gets flustered or anxious. He has a very great mindset. By the end of the session, you can see that it really clicked for him as he understood where to put his feet while jumping, and also maintaining the same rhythm throughout the exercise. Check out his video below!


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